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Donzelli Editore

Rome, Italy

Donzelli: books of ideas was the first slogan thought in 1992 to launch the new independent publishing about to be founded: it still sums up the spirit of the house, publish good book, long sellers, for a well-educated and refined readership.

Publisher profile: Donzelli Editore

Adriano Salani Editore S.p.A.

Milano, Italy

Children's books, illustrated books, young adults, commercial women fiction, non-fiction, parenting, history and science children's books, entertainment, comics, theatre, poetry.

Publisher profile: Adriano Salani Editore S.p.A.

Italian Paths of Culture

Milano, Italy

Italian Paths of Culture (IPOC) Press publishes and promotes books by prominent Italian and Italian-American authors. IPOC, which selects authors and titles that enable readers to understand, evaluate and improve their world, works exclusively with authors who are experts in their fields. IPOC, w...

Publisher profile: Italian Paths of Culture


Milano, Italy

LEdizioni - Ledipublishing is a scholarly publisher, offering worldwide distribution services (Italy and abroad). Offers POD and online publishing services both to authors and other publishers.

Publisher profile: Ledizioni/LediPublishing

Marco Tropea Editore

Milano, Italy

Publisher of foreign and Italian fiction and historical novels. The non-fiction titles cover politics, current events, history, social sciences and cultural studies.

Publisher profile: Marco Tropea Editore

LED Edizioni Universitarie Srl

Milano, Italy

LED Edizioni Universitarie is an academic publisher in the Social sciences and Humanities. Born in 1991, LED has achieved a high standard of specialization in university research publications and textbooks.

Publisher profile: LED Edizioni Universitarie Srl

C. G. Edizioni Medico Scientifiche

Torino, Italy

Italian publisher experts on health care, medicine, ethics and medical code of ethics, rights to health (books, journals, electronic and multimedia publishing).

Publisher profile: C. G. Edizioni Medico Scientifiche

IPOC di Pietro Condemi

Vimodrone, Italy

The Italian publisher who can supply paths of Italian culture in English: Italian authors mainly, focused on philosophy, psychology, education, management, social and human sciences. All books available through our e-commerce website too.

Publisher profile: IPOC di Pietro Condemi

Editoriale Fernando Folini

Casalnoceto, Italy

Books and journals on medicine, healthcare, mental health, environmental sciences and education. Online international bulletins on mental health, neurosciences and prevention of substances abuse. Open and distance learning courses.

Publisher profile: Editoriale Fernando Folini

Casa Editrice Nord surl

Milano, Italy

High quality commercial novels, science fiction, fantasy, unusual thrillers.

Publisher profile: Casa Editrice Nord surl

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