About PublishersGlobal.com

PublishersGlobal is a global information marketplace for publishing professionals.

PublishersGlobal offers an efficient information marketplace for the publishing industry. The attempt is level the field a little, reduce waste and help participants make make informed decisions.

We offer a range of tools – some free and some paid – for publishing industry professionals to find, publish and deploy industry information and data.

History: Ten years [2008 to 2018] and counting

PublishersGlobal was started as a side project in response to the absence of reliable information about the publishing industry. That was 2008. Now, more than ten years later, PublishersGlobal is recognized as the leading information resource and tool-set for the global publishing industry.

PublishersGlobal is owned and managed by the Impellio Media Company.

Impellio Media Company is a digital media incubator based in India. For over 20 years it has been creating new media products & services for the global audiences. More about Impellio Media Company here.

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