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Newton Compton Editori Srl

Roma, Italy

Art, local history, archaeology, poetry, religions, folk traditions, essays on psychology, sociology, science, anthropology, handbooks, sport, cookery, fiction.

Publisher profile: Newton Compton Editori Srl

Chiarelettere srl

Milano, Italy

Chiarelettere is a new Italian publisher, a related company of Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol. It publishes books which deal with economy, politics, society, environment and the present times. This books are enquiries, reportages, pamphlets, strong and provocative essays and nevertheless books w...

Publisher profile: Chiarelettere srl

Fandango Libri srl

Roma, Italy

The publishing house Fandango Libri started off in 1999 expanding from the film production company Fandango, created by Domenico Procacci, active and operating since 1989. In February 2005 a new company was constituted, Fandango Libri s.r.l., with the participation as shareholders – besides the p...

Publisher profile: Fandango Libri srl

Nottetempo Srl.

Rome, Italy

Independent publisher, founded in 2002, of literary fiction, with a main focus on international and Italian fiction, as well as of quality non-fiction in areas including philosophy, current affairs and essays by authors worldwide.

Publisher profile: Nottetempo Srl.

a+mbookstore edizioni

Milano, Italy

Contemporary Art books. Catalogues and Artists' books, Essayes and Monographies

Publisher profile: a+mbookstore edizioni

Mandragora SRL

Firenze, Italy

Mandragora publishes exhibition catalogues and essays in history, art history, architecture and photography, as well as guide books, art books and children's books on Florence and Tuscany and now new series of English fiction, non-fiction classics.

Publisher profile: Mandragora SRL

Black Velvet Editrice

Bologna, Italy

Black Velvet Editrice's focus is on graphic novels and finding new books outside the constraint of genre. The other field of interest is finding books or essays on comic book artists, because criticism is an important way to develop comics.

Publisher profile: Black Velvet Editrice

Edizioni Clandestine srl

Marina di Massa, Italy

After seven years from its constitution, Edizioni Clandestine will introduce a change. From 2007 even preserving the series of novels, essays and highlander, it will become a landmark for real stories: Political and social battles, important life witnesses.

Publisher profile: Edizioni Clandestine srl


Milano, Italy

LEdizioni - Ledipublishing is a scholarly publisher, offering worldwide distribution services (Italy and abroad). Offers POD and online publishing services both to authors and other publishers.

Publisher profile: Ledizioni/LediPublishing

Orthotes Editrice

Nocera Inferiore, Italy

Orthotes is democratic- and pluralistic-spirited Publisher. It especially publishes essay writings in philosophy, politics, literature, social sciences. Among the authors represented by Orthotes there are: Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupancic, Luisa Muraro, Diego Giordano, Ernesto Laclau, etc. Moreover ...

Publisher profile: Orthotes Editrice

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