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Loescher Editore s.r.l.

Torino, Italy

Textbooks for primary and secondary schools in literature, language arts, history, philosophy, social science, geography, mathematics, physics, science, foreign language, computer sciences. Readings: Teacher reference. Dictionaries.

Publisher profile: Loescher Editore s.r.l.

Babalibri S.R.L.

Milano, Italy

Babalibri started in 1999 to publish fully coloured pictures books created by worldwide famous leading artists and to develop, stimulate and improve children's creativity. Babalibri also organizes reading workshops with schools and libraries.

Publisher profile: Babalibri S.R.L.

Equilibri S.C.A.R.L.

Modena, Italy

Small publisher: picture-books, teenagers magazine, fiction bibliographic guides; picture-books and picture exhibitions; craft activities; reading promotion projects for libraries and schools; book talks in school and libraries

Publisher profile: Equilibri S.C.A.R.L.

Beisler Editore S.R.L.

Roma, Italy

High quality books for all ages from pre-school to young adult.

Publisher profile: Beisler Editore S.R.L.

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