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Fandango Libri srl

Roma, Italy

The publishing house Fandango Libri started off in 1999 expanding from the film production company Fandango, created by Domenico Procacci, active and operating since 1989. In February 2005 a new company was constituted, Fandango Libri s.r.l., with the participation as shareholders – besides the p...

Publisher profile: Fandango Libri srl

Edizioni BD

Milano, Italy

Edizioni BD has six labels covering every kind of comics and books: Alta Fedeltà (original productions), Supersonic (U.S. comics), Francophone (Franco-Belgian), Stroriedisegni (essays), J-Pop (Far Eastern titles) and Novel featuring Lansdale, Moore and others).

Publisher profile: Edizioni BD

Fanucci Editore S.R.L.

Roma, Italy

Publisher with over 20 years experience, specialising in science-fiction, fantasy and horror. In October 2005, Fanucci Publishing House opened up a new collection named Teens. The Teens Collection aims at giving a chance for reading, fun and meditation to a hidden public that has often been under...

Publisher profile: Fanucci Editore S.R.L.

AIPSA Edizioni

Cagliari, Italy

It prints on Sardinian items showing the different aspects of the Island's culture: history, poetry, memoirist, novels and romances, fiction, Sardinian language. With maximum attention on the graphical aspects as well as in texts and items.

Publisher profile: AIPSA Edizioni

Black Velvet Editrice

Bologna, Italy

Black Velvet Editrice's focus is on graphic novels and finding new books outside the constraint of genre. The other field of interest is finding books or essays on comic book artists, because criticism is an important way to develop comics.

Publisher profile: Black Velvet Editrice

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