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Newton Compton Editori Srl

Roma, Italy

Art, local history, archaeology, poetry, religions, folk traditions, essays on psychology, sociology, science, anthropology, handbooks, sport, cookery, fiction.

Publisher profile: Newton Compton Editori Srl

Emons Italia Srl

Roma, Italy

We are a new Italian audiobook publisher and we present the best of Italian contemporary fiction read by the authors and the best children's books read by famous actors. It is a wonderful opportunity to better your knowledge of our musical language.

Publisher profile: Emons Italia Srl

Iperborea Srl.

Milano, Italy

Publishing House specialized in Scandinavian and Dutch literature both classic and contemporary.

Publisher profile: Iperborea Srl.

Ilisso Edizioni di Vanna Fois & C.s.n.c.

Nuoro, Italy

In the last seven years it has spread out its field of investigation to literature and has realized Bibliotheca Sarda, with its eighty-four books. With a modern approach, this collection revalues and speads the extraordinary appeal of the true region.

Publisher profile: Ilisso Edizioni di Vanna Fois & C.s.n.c.

Hamelin Associazione Culturale

Bologna, Italy

Hamelin Cultural Association was founded in 1996 by Professor Antonio Faeti and a group of scholars specialising in children's literature at the University of Bologna. Hamelin's aim is to promote quality in contemporary children's literature, considering collectively literary texts, filmography, ...

Publisher profile: Hamelin Associazione Culturale

Italian Paths of Culture

Milano, Italy

Italian Paths of Culture (IPOC) Press publishes and promotes books by prominent Italian and Italian-American authors. IPOC, which selects authors and titles that enable readers to understand, evaluate and improve their world, works exclusively with authors who are experts in their fields. IPOC, w...

Publisher profile: Italian Paths of Culture

Voland Edizioni

Roma, Italy

The publishing house VOLAND was started in 1995 by the slavist Daniela Di Sora. Since its foundation, Voland has been focusing on Eastern Europe literature but gradually we have grown spreading ourselves over other literatures.

Publisher profile: Voland Edizioni


Milano, Italy

LEdizioni - Ledipublishing is a scholarly publisher, offering worldwide distribution services (Italy and abroad). Offers POD and online publishing services both to authors and other publishers.

Publisher profile: Ledizioni/LediPublishing

Erga Edizioni Dal 1964

Genova, Italy

The Publishing house Erga Edizioni was founded in 1964 and it has already published about 1350 titles. It publishes the international magazine "LG argomenti" of literature for young people. We are specialized on the following subjects for young people and teachers: theater at school, opera for ch...

Publisher profile: Erga Edizioni Dal 1964

LED Edizioni Universitarie Srl

Milano, Italy

LED Edizioni Universitarie is an academic publisher in the Social sciences and Humanities. Born in 1991, LED has achieved a high standard of specialization in university research publications and textbooks.

Publisher profile: LED Edizioni Universitarie Srl

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