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Publishing company profile: Donzelli Editore, Rome, Italy

Donzelli: books of ideas was the first slogan thought in 1992 to launch the new independent publishing about to be founded: it still sums up the spirit of the house, publish good book, long sellers, for a well-educated and refined readership.

An open world: when Donzelli was born (the first titles were released in February 1993) the idea placed at the center of the reflection, the challenge launched to themselves and to the readers, was this.

A small intellectual group, jealous of its autonomy, endowed with great enthusiasm but limited financial resources, decided at that time to make the most of the experience gained in previous years around the magazine "Meridiana" and the study of the contemporary Mezzogiorno, and raise the bar, founding a publishing house that had the world in front of it as its reference size. A new, post-ideological world made up of shattered identities rather than peaceful certainties, complicated conflicts rather than opposed and blocked antagonisms. And yet an open world: to anxiety and restlessness, but also to curiosity and exploration.

Curiosity, project, catalog have been our watchwords since then. An omnivorous, intrusive curiosity, capable of ranging from an investigation into the transformations of our "small" universe, to attention to other times and other spaces. An all-out project, which does not sectorise research, which mixes knowledge, trends, disciplines, multiplying the effects of knowledge. A catalog structured like a network able to accommodate each book with elasticity, but whose texture and supporting threads could be identified.

Books searched according to a drawing; arranged over a map; books to invent, when they are not already made.

Books, not fetishes. Not the last bulwark of culture against new barbarism. Eyes and paper hands to see and touch pieces of the world.

Donzelli Editore publishes Books on these subjects: Social Sciences, Science, Poetry, History, Fiction, and Art in these languages: Italian


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Mailing address

Via Mentana 2
00185 Rome

Phone number(s):
+ 39 06 4 44 06 00

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