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Dimcos is a new e-book store concept where publishers can offer their publications for sale at a price of web advertising. The readers' of Dimcos books will be able to share their favorite book t

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White Falcon Publishing Solutions LLP

Chandigarh, India

White Falcon Publishing Solutions LLP provides professional services for assisting authors in getting their books self-published for global availability.

Detailed profile of: White Falcon Publishing Solutions LLP, Chandigarh, India
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World of Creative Dreams

Liverpool, United Kingdom

We are an independent UK book publisher in Liverpool publishing Liverpool history books. We're also a graphic design company helping self-publishing authors with graphic design related aspects such as book formatting, book layouts, book printing and marketing artwork for social media posts.

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Power of Words

Brisbane, Australia

Power of Words helps specialists, historians, and allied health professionals get clear on their book's message. Our editing is second to none.

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James and Brookfield Publishers

Roswell, United States

Self publishing made easy since 1997. James and Brookfield Publishers is a self publishing company that strives to walk you through the process of cover design, editing and layout with ease... producing your high quality book.

Detailed profile of: James and Brookfield Publishers, Roswell, United States
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Kindle Book Publishing

Durham, United Kingdom

We provide all the services to help authors publish books and ebooks, from proofreading, book covers, book design and ebook conversion, to book distribution and book marketing.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Africa's largest digital library and e-publishing platform with over 250,000 users and 30,000 books published.

Detailed profile of: OkadaBooks, Lagos, Nigeria
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Book rivers


Book rivers is a leading self publishing of books and magazines for almost all genre in India

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RPI Print On Demand

Commercial, corporate, legal, and financial printing company specializing in very fast turn of multiple-page short-run printed documents.

Detailed profile of: RPI Print On Demand

Rancho Park Publishing

Since 1988, Rancho Park Publishing has been working publishers worldwide to translate, edit and expertly typeset publications in all major languages. Our primary focus is in the creation of world-class publications for international distribution.

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