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Brezice, Slovenia

Book distribution, publishing, webshop

Publishing service company profile: PRIMUS

China Elite Focus Magazines LLC

New York, United States

China Elite Focus Magazines LLC publishes luxury travel magazines in Chinese Mandarin language about luxury travel experiences in the United States for au audience of affluent Chinese tourists.

Publishing service company profile: China Elite Focus Magazines LLC


Delaware, United States

Netsocialbooks is an online publishing house that offers services to edit, publish and sales of ebooks.

Publishing service company profile: Netsocialbooks

Digitrans Media

Digitrans Media's expertise includes digital publishing, editorial and composition, custom eLearning & apps development, image editing, eBook and XML conversion.

Publishing service company profile: Digitrans Media

Irine India


To provide the best matching solution and end to end digital publishing service to magazine, newspaper and B2B publishers.

Publishing service company profile: Irine India

Mendon Associates Inc.

In-house circulation fulfillment software, readership research and contract publishing solutions for periodical publishers.

Publishing service company profile: Mendon Associates Inc.

Gantec Publishing Solutions

Chennai, India

EBooks conversion and all types of digital conversions

Publishing service company profile: Gantec Publishing Solutions

Summation Legal Technologies

An independent media company with interests in television, print and online publishing, including web publishing and contract publishing services, and the publishers of Lucire and CAP.

Publishing service company profile: Summation Legal Technologies

Kopf Digital Publishing GmbH

Regensburg, Germany

Memorable eBooks - enhanced eBooks make remarkable content! We offer publishers and authors full service program for enhanced eBooks.

Publishing service company profile: Kopf Digital Publishing GmbH

Confetti Media

Bangalore, India

Confetti Media is an internationally acknowledged media house based in Bangalore, India that primarily focuses in the media streams of custom/contract publishing for international clients, inhouse magazine publications and online content provision. With an accomplished editorial, design, and crea...

Publishing service company profile: Confetti Media

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