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Datamatics Global Services Ltd

Mumbai, India

Datamatics is a global provider of intelligent, value-driven technology and business solutions. Datamatics OPMS (Online Publishing and Media Solutions) division provides end-to-end solutions for creating books and magazines, Typesetting, Graphic Design, illustrations, SEO content, Cataloguing sol...

Publishing service company profile: Datamatics Global Services Ltd


Falls Church, United States

Aptara provides content technology solutions that deliver significant gains in cost, quality and time-to-market for content publishers. With deep experience across all media types, Aptara’s expertise includes digital publishing, editorial and composition, custom eLearning development, and content...

Publishing service company profile: Aptara

Suntec Web Services Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi, India

Suntec has extensive experience in providing digitization conversion and eBook conversion solutions. At Suntec, we have the resources, technology and experience in digital conversion of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals, articles etc. from both print and electronic image forma...

Publishing service company profile: Suntec Web Services Pvt. Ltd

RefineCatch Limited

Typesetting in the UK for nearly 30 years.RefineCatch is an experienced, highly motivated and dedicated team which is always looking to the future. Whether it is the next challenge, the next industry advancement, or the next generation of typesetters coming into the business.

Publishing service company profile: RefineCatch Limited

AEL Data

London, United Kingdom

AEL Data helps to create, enhance, distribute, protect and manage your valuable digital assets. We provide end-to-end content-related technological solutions and services. We specialise in digitisatio

Publishing service company profile: AEL Data

AMA DataSet Ltd

Preston, United Kingdom

AMA DataSet is a specialist data management company offering XML Typesetting and a range of directory building tools for data collection, validation and proofing.Our services reduce the time taken to create directories and yearbooks. They improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce costs dramatically

Publishing service company profile: AMA DataSet Ltd

B&B Graphics Printing and Design

Produces business forms, labels, envelopes, and brochures. Also offers graphic design and typesetting.

Publishing service company profile: B&B Graphics Printing and Design

The Charlesworth Group (USA) Inc

Philadelphia, United States

We offer rights and licensing solutions as well as specialist marketing techniques for the fastest growing market in the world, China. We also provide superior quality cutting edge typesetting techniques and state of the art digital printing as well as traditional printing and binding.Our extensi...

Publishing service company profile: The Charlesworth Group (USA) Inc


Specializes in the Ancient Near East and Biblical Studies as a publisher and bookseller, also provide typesetting and prepress services.

Publishing service company profile: Eisenbrauns

Barnhart Press

Specializing in multi-color printing and publishing, book publishing, pre-press and post-press, typesetting, page formatting and binder services. 100 years in the printing business. Omaha.

Publishing service company profile: Barnhart Press

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