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CustomGuide, Inc.

The only tool dedicated to creating and maintaining indexes for web sites, HTML Help, JavaHelp, and other HTML documents.

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RefineCatch Limited

Typesetting in the UK for nearly 30 years.RefineCatch is an experienced, highly motivated and dedicated team which is always looking to the future. Whether it is the next challenge, the next industry advancement, or the next generation of typesetters coming into the business.

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Crowsnest Books

Established in 1944.

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How To Promote Concerts and Festivals

Qualified freelance indexer of books and journals, member Society of Indexers, specialising in history, art and art history, literature in English, photography, food and drink.

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inWrite Editorial Services

Makati City, Philippines

inWrite provides professional proofreading, copyediting, line editing, and rewriting services to publishing companies, self-publishers, and authors.

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Broccoli Information Management

Is it easy to find information in your print publications, ebooks, or on your website or company intranet? If not, your readers, website visitors or intranet users are missing out on the valuable content that you have to offer. And that could mean frustrated readers, confused users and loss of sa...

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AMA DataSet Ltd

Preston, United Kingdom

AMA DataSet is a specialist data management company offering XML Typesetting and a range of directory building tools for data collection, validation and proofing.Our services reduce the time taken to create directories and yearbooks. They improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce costs dramatically

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FlipAlbum 3.0

Software that effortlessly creates page flipping digital albums complete with thumbnails, table of contents and indexes.

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Beckham House

Freelance indexing of English-language print publications for authors and publishers.

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Ebook Publishing Tools

Freelance indexing services for publishers and authors.

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