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Equire Technolagies

Sithanandha Nagar, India

equire Technologies works with publishers from around the globe and provides them quality pre-press solutions for page composition, layout, and typesetting. The range of services also includes e-publishing, data conversion, and music engraving. We currently customize our services for more than 30...

Publishing service company profile: Equire Technolagies

Fever Communications Inc.

Database publishing, typesetting/DTP, word processing, personal and small business web hosting, EDGAR preparation and filing services.

Publishing service company profile: Fever Communications Inc.

Ninestar Information Technologies Ltd

Offering high quality typesetting, data capturing SGML, XML and other electronic publishing services.

Publishing service company profile: Ninestar Information Technologies Ltd

Hawaii Hochi Ltd.

Printing, pre-press, and bindery services using sheet-fed and newspaper web presses for a wide range of products. Japanese and English typesetting and layout. Honolulu.

Publishing service company profile: Hawaii Hochi Ltd.

Dolan Media Company

Pre-press and typesetting house.

Publishing service company profile: Dolan Media Company

Paragon Prepress, Inc.

New Delhi, India

Paragon Prepress, Inc. is a one-stop provider of international standard, highly skilled pre-production services for the print medium at competitive costs to Clients worldwide. Paragon specializes in design, book typesetting, indexing, and on-line proofreading and editing, in English. Our professi...

Publishing service company profile: Paragon Prepress, Inc.

Planman Technologies

New Delhi, India

Planman Technologies offers outsourced solutions based on technologies & technology enabled services.

Publishing service company profile: Planman Technologies

Crickett Press

Typesetting, copying, and offset printing services. West Hartford.

Publishing service company profile: Crickett Press


Pre-press and typesetting house. Specializes in typesetting and electronic publishing of scientific, technical and medical books and journals.

Publishing service company profile: Integra

Gantec Publishing Solutions

Chennai, India

EBooks conversion and all types of digital conversions

Publishing service company profile: Gantec Publishing Solutions

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