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Hersonissos, Greece

Specialising in literary fiction. I am author of the novel '' The White Lune''. I look to publish that my novel in others countris . . It is allready published by '' Narodna Knjiga '' from Belgrade . I have allready translated in English and Russian language . . My work , you can see at :

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V Create Media

Kochi, India

We are a media solutions firm, sphering your content and PR requirements both print and online. We offer a bouquet of content services tailored to the different needs, both in print and web.

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Micrologic Global Services

Vijaywada, India

By combining highly trained people with state of the art technology and proven business methodologies, Micrologic Global Services collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry while m

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Logogog Press

Johannesburg, South Africa

From the cover to the editing of the text, Logogog helps its clients to produce books that have both local and international appeal.

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Zaza Eunice

Hosur, India

Zaza is dedicated to be a complete service provider for all publishing needs in the contemporary electronicera. Technical, Medicine, Scientific, Scholarly and Reference publishing are our primary markets. The businesssolutions span over Typesetting/Composition, Graphic Design, Multimedia Solutions,

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Porza, Switzerland

SIMID S.M.I.L.E. (Scientific Medical Information Library Europe) is a combination database and library of medical journals and books covering forty medical disciplines, including oncology, cardiology, psychiatry and virology. Registered users are able to search the exhaustive database in its enti...

Detailed profile of: SIMID SA / SIMID INTERNATIONAL BV, Porza, Switzerland
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Arma Technologies

Pondicherry, India

Arma is a well-established publishing services provider that has become the global servicers in ebook production. We are working with 10+ Native Languages to various clients with 100% quality as a moto of our Company.

Detailed profile of: Arma Technologies, Pondicherry, India
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epsilon publishers

Nairobi, Kenya

We are an established and trusted publishing firm in Nairobi Kenya. We provide editorial, translation, publishing and printing services to help you to communicate your message succinctly with your audience in an engaging manner.

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Mendon Associates Inc.

In-house circulation fulfillment software, readership research and contract publishing solutions for periodical publishers.

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Summation Legal Technologies

An independent media company with interests in television, print and online publishing, including web publishing and contract publishing services, and the publishers of Lucire and CAP.

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