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Brighton, United Kingdom

HighWire is the principal digital partner for the global publishing community. Our technology provides the nexus where knowledge is collected, certified, stored and shared. By simplifying the publishing process, we widen the reach, deepen the impact and accelerate the exchange of ideas. Whether ...

Detailed profile of: HighWire, Brighton, United Kingdom
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Cenveo Publisher Services

Columbia, United States

Cenveo is the industry leader in editorial and production services for every stage of the content lifecycle. We are your source for intelligent automation, high-speed publishing, accessibility compliance, digital learning solutions and more.

Detailed profile of: Cenveo Publisher Services, Columbia, United States
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Jena, Germany

A full-service publishing service provider whose focus is on the modern and customer-oriented production of printed and electronic media.

Detailed profile of: mediaTEXT, Jena, Germany
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IDM Group

Champs sur Marne, France

IDM is a software house that supplies a content management system and specializes in big data management indluding programmatic advertising.

Detailed profile of: IDM Group, Champs sur Marne, France
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Ink it

Mexico City, Mexico

Ink it is a friendly and intuitive platform where you can convert your books, manage the distribution of your ebooks and audiobooks, create your own virtual store and print the copies you need, as well as manage your metadata and download financial statements from unified way.

Detailed profile of: Ink it, Mexico City, Mexico
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infinity-loop GmbH

Munich, Germany

infinity-loop GmbH specializes in document conversion to and from structured markup languages, especially XML.

Detailed profile of: infinity-loop GmbH, Munich, Germany
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EOD : books2ebooks

Innsbruck, Austria

European books available as eBooks on request and for a reasonable price. The EOD service was started within the framework of the project "Digitisation on Demand" co-funded by the eTEN programme line. This EU project was launched in October 2006 with 13 libraries from 8 European countries.

Detailed profile of: EOD : books2ebooks, Innsbruck, Austria
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Newgen Knowledge Works Pvt Ltd

Chennai, India

Newgen provides pre-press production services, content management services, and full-service management services for books, journals, and magazines. We also offer archiving, conversion, and e-Book ser

Detailed profile of: Newgen Knowledge Works Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India
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Falls Church, United States

Aptara provides content technology solutions that deliver significant gains in cost, quality and time-to-market for content publishers. With deep experience across all media types, Aptara’s expertise includes digital publishing, editorial and composition, custom eLearning development, and content...

Detailed profile of: Aptara, Falls Church, United States
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Tokyo, Japan

Since the company was established in 2003, he has been involved in e-books and related businesses. With the experience cultivated by dealing with more than 300 publishers, its quality is unrivaled by competitors. We produce high-quality e-books at low prices, and we can help you sell them.

Detailed profile of: Y’znet, Tokyo, Japan
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