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Market House Books Ltd

Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Market House Books Ltd specialize in the typesetting and compilation of reference books. In the 35 years of its existence some 180 major reference books (including the APA Dictionary of Psychology and Collins English Dictionary) have been produced.

Publishing service company profile: Market House Books Ltd

Waterberry Designs

Somerset West, South Africa

Professional book cover designers, spec designers, typesetters and editorial layout artists in all books from academic to trade and for all age groups

Publishing service company profile: Waterberry Designs

Innovative Technical Solutions

Pondichery, India

We are a company doing content,e-pub,, digitizations,Custom conversion for any handheld device,XML/SGML conversion for proprietary DTDs, Legacy conversion through Keyboarding, Scanning and OCR,XML Technology Consulting,Typesetting, Graphics and Artwork processing

Publishing service company profile: Innovative Technical Solutions

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