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AMACOM Division of American Management Association

New York, United States

Trade and professional business books, management issues/skills, parenting, popular science, leadership, sales, marketing, HR, training, personal finance, internet, technology, customer service, career, self-help, communication, project mgt.

Publishing service company profile: AMACOM Division of American Management Association

Turpin Distribution

Biggleswade, United Kingdom

Full service fulfilment and distribution of electronic and print books and journals. US and UK customer service and warehousing. 24 x 7 internet access for sales and management information.

Publishing service company profile: Turpin Distribution

Giant Elephant Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Giant Elephant - publisher for English education text from age 3-15. Distributes various leading brands of English teaching materials in Asian area. Offers teachers training services for distributors and schools in Asia.

Publishing service company profile: Giant Elephant Enterprise Co. Ltd.

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