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Offers a self-publishing service; information about their capabiities, pricing, online catalogue, and promotion services. [Ferrybridge, W Yorkshire]

Profile of: Writebooks

Robbie Dean Press

Offers publishing packages and plans for authors who wish to self publish and authors who seek to have RDP as their publisher.

Profile of: Robbie Dean Press

Tebble, Nick - Blue Dune Books

Self-publishing venture, featuring three novels.

Profile of: Tebble, Nick - Blue Dune Books

Playground Books

Offers an ebook publishing and self publishing service for the authors of the future. Run for children by children.

Profile of: Playground Books

Leopard Spot Press, Inc.

Leopard Spot Press is an independent publishing company and an author’s resource to assist self-publishing authors create, publish and launch their books, E-books and audio books.

Profile of: Leopard Spot Press, Inc.

Stringybark Publishing

Stringybark Publishing specialises in publishing short story anthologies and memoirs.

Profile of: Stringybark Publishing

DC Books Pvt Ltd

DC Books is the biggest publishing house in Malayalam language. It is one of the top five publishing houses in India. DC Books publishes books in all genres through six different imprints.

Profile of: DC Books Pvt Ltd

Womenincharg3 Music Group

Womenincharg3 Music Group is a music publishing.

Profile of: Womenincharg3 Music Group

Squinti Publishing

Profile of: Squinti Publishing

Jumhoori Publications

Independent and Progressive Publisher

Profile of: Jumhoori Publications

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