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Literary Agents of Germany

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AVA international GmbH Autoren-und Verlagsagentur

Herrsching-Breitbrunn, Germany

Literaturagentur und Verlagsberatung. Vermittlung von Verlagsgeschäften. Literary Agency for rights in fiction, non-fiction.

Publishing service company profile: AVA international GmbH Autoren-und Verlagsagentur

Michael Meller Literary Agency

Munich, Germany

Wir vertreten Autoren weltweit sowie Übersetzungsrechte für Verlage und Agenturen aus dem englischsprachigen Raum. We represent authors throughout the world and translation rights from publishers and agencies from English speaking countries.

Publishing service company profile: Michael Meller Literary Agency

Piper & Poppenhusen GBR Literary Agency

Berlin, Germany

Representing German- and English-speaking authors (fiction and non-fiction) worldwide and international publishers and agencies for the German-language territory.

Publishing service company profile: Piper & Poppenhusen GBR Literary Agency

erzaehl:perspektive Literary Agency M. & K. Groener GbR

Munich, Germany

Young and fresh literary agency with German language authors in fiction, non-fiction and children's books. We also represent international publishers on the German market.

Publishing service company profile: erzaehl:perspektive Literary Agency M. & K. Groener GbR

Agentur Brauer, literary agency, Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

We represent both fiction and non-fiction authors worldwide and German language publishing rights as exclusive representatives on behalf of international clients.

Publishing service company profile: Agentur Brauer, literary agency, Munich, Germany

Literary Agency Galina Dursthoff

Köln, Germany

A literary agency representing Russian authors and publishers, offering fiction and non-fiction. Among the authors are V. Sorokin, S. Alexievich, M. Gorbachev, A. Gelasimov, Y. Grishkovets, V. Erofeev, D. Kharms, Y. Yusik, O. Zabuzhko, P. Dashkova.

Publishing service company profile: Literary Agency Galina Dursthoff

Tipress Deutschland GmbH

Sulzburg, Germany

Literary agency for publishers, authors, and packagers, managing rights of illustrated and children's books, novels, characters, comics. Translations of books and reviews, editing, paging, marketing researches and management of editorial projects.

Publishing service company profile: Tipress Deutschland GmbH

Nibbe & Wiedling Literary Agency

Seefeld, Germany

Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian author's rights worldwide.

Publishing service company profile: Nibbe & Wiedling Literary Agency

Verlags Agentur Prahl

Munich, Germany

Literary agency representing German authors and illustrators worldwide and foreign authors, illustrators and publishing houses in the German markets. We specialize in adult fiction and non-ficttion and children's and young adult books?

Publishing service company profile: Verlags Agentur Prahl

Literaturagentur Matthias Strobel

Berlin, Germany

Die Literaturagentur Matthias Strobel repräsentiert hauptsächlich argentinische Autoren, sowohl Fiction alsauch Non-fiction. The Literary Agency Matthias Strobel represents mainly Argentine fiction and non-fiction authors.

Publishing service company profile: Literaturagentur Matthias Strobel

11 suppliers in the the directory of literary agency companies of Germany

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