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Fleurus Editions

Paris, France

Depuis plus de 60 ans, Fleurus publie des ouvrages grand public à destination des familles. Éveiller les petits, découvrir et comprendre le monde, créer et rêver, tels sont les promesses des éditions Fleurus. Des livres pour tous et pour tous les jours !

Publisher profile: Fleurus Editions


Paris, France

Publishers of quality fiction, art, photography, children's books, lifestyle, cooking, home and garden, social sciences, biography, documents, medical reference. Imprints include: Arthaud, Aubier, Champs, La Maison Rustique, Père Castor, Pygmalion.

Publisher profile: Flammarion

Plume De Carotte

Toulouse, France

Plume de Carotte tells stories about plants and human being, for children and grown up: experiments, cooking, hobbies, travels, art gardening....

Publisher profile: Plume De Carotte

Editions Sarbacane

Paris, France

Publisher of high quality and creative books for children. Publications include board books, picture books, activity and non-fiction, illustrated books. New lines of comics for children and adults and a novel collection for young adults.

Publisher profile: Editions Sarbacane

Le Pommier Editions

Paris, France

Specialized in scientific popularisation, Le Pommier publishes three collections for children aged from 3 to 15: one of fiction (Romans and Plus Junior), one of documentary (Les Minipommes) and one of albums (Les Albums du Pommier).

Publisher profile: Le Pommier Editions

Gulf Stream Editeur

Nantes, France

Gulf Stream Editeur is a pulishing house based in Nantes. Through children books collections, it developped major themes, such as: humour, tenderness, curiosity, sharing knowledge, nature and biodiversity.

Publisher profile: Gulf Stream Editeur

Editions du Chêne/E.P.A. (Hachette Illustré)

Paris, France

Editions du Chêne are publishers of high quality illustrated books: art, lifestyle, travel, photography, herritage, literary, children's, stationery and gift books. A division of Hachette Illustré.

Publisher profile: Editions du Chêne/E.P.A. (Hachette Illustré)

Editions Thierry Magnier

Paris, France

Specialized in children's books: picture books as well as novels for young adults.

Publisher profile: Editions Thierry Magnier

Editions Le Pommier

Paris, France

Publishing house dedicated to science and philosophy. We aim to make accessible complex scientific concepts and help decipher social issues, by publishing essays, reference books, educational manuals, as well as fiction and popular science, and, since recently, children books.

Publisher profile: Editions Le Pommier

ABC Melody

Paris, France

Created in 1999, ABC Melody is the publisher of the popular Sing & Learn collection for children in 6 languages, sold in the US, Australia, China and Japan. Now based in Paris, ABC Melody has launched Chante & Découvre for the French market with new versions planned for various European countries...

Publisher profile: ABC Melody

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