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Literary Agents of France

Listing all 6 Literary Agency suppliers listed in the Directory of French suppliers

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Susanna Lea Associates

Paris, France

Literary Agency.

Publishing service company profile: Susanna Lea Associates

Pierre Astier & Associates Agency

Paris, France

French literary agency. We represent French, francophone and foreign authors and publishers.

Publishing service company profile: Pierre Astier & Associates Agency

Agence de l'Est

Paris, France

Representation of French authors in central Europe and of a selection of bestselling Polish authors worldwide.

Publishing service company profile: Agence de l'Est

La Nouvelle Agence

Paris, France

Literary Agency.

Publishing service company profile: La Nouvelle Agence

Literary Agency Wandel Cruse

Paris, France

Literary agency representing French fiction and non-fiction titles in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, and a selection of Scandinavian authors in France.

Publishing service company profile: Literary Agency Wandel Cruse

Michelle Lapautre Literary Agency

Paris, France

Represents US, British, and Canadian agents and publishers for the sale of French translation rights.

Publishing service company profile: Michelle Lapautre Literary Agency

6 suppliers in the the directory of literary agency companies of France

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