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Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Inc

New York, United States

Literary Scouting firm, with clients located throughout Europe, Asia and Scandinavia. Greenburger is also a literary agency, with a number of best-selling authors, including Dan Brown and Nelson DeMille.

Publishing service company profile: Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Inc

InkWell Management

New York, United States

InkWell is a full-service literary management agency dedicated to guiding our clients to the greatest possible success. We work together as a close-knit team, ensuring that each client has every advantage at all stages of the publishing process.

Publishing service company profile: InkWell Management

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

New York, United States

Represents fiction and non fiction since 1994. Takes email submissions. New York, NY. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management was founded in 1994 by Jane Dystel, who has been a respected figure in publishing for over 30 years — first as an editor, then as a publisher, and finally as a savvy and su...

Publishing service company profile: Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Fletcher & Company, LLC

New York, United States

Fletcher & Company is a full-service literary agency dedicated to writers of upmarket non-fiction, as well as literary and commercial fiction.

Publishing service company profile: Fletcher & Company, LLC

William Clark Literary Agent

New York, United States

Agent to international publishing, film, and new media fields. Based in New York.

Publishing service company profile: William Clark Literary Agent

Foundry Literary + Media

New York, United States

Foundry is a full-service literary agency and media development company dedicated to providing the most positive and profitable publishing experience for our clients, from the American book market to foreign publishing, film and TV, merchandise, online media and beyond.

Publishing service company profile: Foundry Literary + Media

The Bent Agency

New York, United States

The Bent Agency is a literary agency representing bestselling authors of fiction, non-fiction and children's literature for all age groups. With offices in the US and UK, the Bent Agency is home to twelve agents.

Publishing service company profile: The Bent Agency

DropCap Rights Agency

Minneapolis, United States

DropCap represents U.S. publishers in the sale of their foreign language rights. From beautiful children's books and riveting YA to exceptional adult nonfiction, we pride ourselves in bringing high-quality books to new markets around the world.

Publishing service company profile: DropCap Rights Agency

Brower Literary & Management

New York, United States

Represents authors who write commercial and literary fiction, specifically romance, women's fiction, YA and thrillers.

Publishing service company profile: Brower Literary & Management

Ayesha Pande Literary

New York, United States

Ayesha Pande Literary is a New York based boutique literary agency with a small and eclectic roster of clients. We love to work with writers who dare to innovate, take risks, express something meaningful about our world.

Publishing service company profile: Ayesha Pande Literary

73 suppliers in the the directory of literary agencies of United States

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