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Copyright Clearance Center

Danvers, United States

Copyright Clearance Center is the world's largest provider of next licensing services. These services combined with CCC's web-based applications and tools, allow tens of millions of people to lawfully use and share published information with ease.

Detailed profile of: Copyright Clearance Center, Danvers, United States

Fletcher & Company, LLC

New York, United States

Fletcher & Company is a full-service literary agency dedicated to writers of upmarket non-fiction, as well as literary and commercial fiction.

Detailed profile of: Fletcher & Company, LLC, New York, United States

Sequential Rights

Los Angeles, United States

Sequential Rights is a rights licensing agency, specializing in selling translation rights for English-language comics and graphic novels.

Detailed profile of: Sequential Rights, Los Angeles, United States

DropCap Rights Agency

Minneapolis, United States

DropCap represents U.S. publishers in the sale of their foreign language rights. From beautiful children's books and riveting YA to exceptional adult nonfiction, we pride ourselves in bringing high-quality books to new markets around the world.

Detailed profile of: DropCap Rights Agency, Minneapolis, United States

VIZ Media, LLC

San Francisco, United States

VIZ Media is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in manga publishing, animation, and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. We are a leader in the publishing and distribution of manga in North America and a global licensor of animation.

Detailed profile of: VIZ Media, LLC, San Francisco, United States


Verona, United States

RightsMix is a Rights Agency representing Translation, Audio, Domestic, Film and Merchandise rights for agents and publishers worldwide in all genres from picture books through erotica.

Detailed profile of: RightsMix, Verona, United States

Biagi Literary Management

Pleasantville, United States

Biagi Literary Management offers professional licensing coverage for all literary assets: adult fiction and non-fiction, children's, educational, illustrated, brand/licensed, novelty, and co-edition projects. We market strategically for domestic and international deals.

Detailed profile of: Biagi Literary Management, Pleasantville, United States

The Charlesworth Group (USA) Inc

Philadelphia, United States

We offer rights and licensing solutions as well as specialist marketing techniques for the fastest growing market in the world, China. We also provide superior quality cutting edge typesetting techniques and state of the art digital printing as well as traditional printing and binding.Our extensi...

Detailed profile of: The Charlesworth Group (USA) Inc, Philadelphia, United States

Dami International sas

Westlake Village, United States

A complete selection of high quality illustrated children's books and characters for worldwide licensing and development. Please contact main office: Dami International, Via Gesù 10, Milan, Italy 20121.

Detailed profile of: Dami International sas, Westlake Village, United States

United Media

New York, United States

A United Media company. Copyright holder and licensing agent for Peanuts, Precious Moments, Dilbert, Dirty Dancing, Happy Bunny (Japan), Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, Over the Hedge, Marmaduke, and Nancy.

Detailed profile of: United Media, New York, United States

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