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Alioglu Yayinevi

Istanbul, Turkey

,,Alioglu Publishing House was established in 1978 and mostly publishes books for children and teenagers. The books" that Alioglu published consist of original stories and novels. Turkish cultural values are main themes of the books.

Publisher profile: Alioglu Yayinevi

Arkadas Yayinlari Ltd. Sti.


Publishing, distributor and digital distributer with a bookstore chain. for corporate www.arkadasgroup.comfor bookstore www.arkadas.com.trfor publishing www.arkadasyayinevi.com

Publisher profile: Arkadas Yayinlari Ltd. Sti.

Esin Yayinlari

Istanbul, Turkey

Esin Publishing house publishes educational books for preschool children. The books are prepared by experts and these books have special publishing styles with reasonable prices. That is why we aim in addressing high masses of people.

Publisher profile: Esin Yayinlari

Kubbealti Akademisi Kultur ve Sanat Vakfi

Istanbul, Turkey

For more than 30 years Kubbealti Academy Culture and Art Foundation has published more than two hundred books of culture and art, has helped to train many people who today are successful in a variety of occupations such as academicians, etc.

Publisher profile: Kubbealti Akademisi Kultur ve Sanat Vakfi

Kara Plak Publishing

Istanbul, Turkey

Kara Plak is a boutique publishing house focused on music and music culture.

Publisher profile: Kara Plak Publishing

YDS Publishing

Istanbul, Turkey

YDS Publishing was founded in the year 2005 to produce up-to-date, authentic and error-free publications for foreign language teaching/learning and more particularly for English to become a language used by every individual in Turkey.

Publisher profile: YDS Publishing

Milli Egitim Baskanligi Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi

Ankara, Turkey

Masterpieces of Turkish education, culture, art and literature are published by Ministery of Education and sold through Turkish publishing houses. Moreover, books of foreign authors are translated into Turkish language.

Publisher profile: Milli Egitim Baskanligi Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi

Populer Kitaplar

Istanbul, Turkey

Publisher profile: Populer Kitaplar

Elvan Yayinlari

Ankara, Turkey

Publishing in Turkish, English and German

Publisher profile: Elvan Yayinlari

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