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Città Nuova Editrice

Roma, Italy

Philosophy, history, pedagogy, dictionary, bibical literature, theoology, patrology, religious life, magazines: Città Nuova, Umanità Nuova, Unità e Carismi.

Publisher profile: Città Nuova Editrice
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Emmaus Road Publishing

Steubenville, United States

Emmaus Road Publishing is committed to producing authentically Catholic materials that will present the faith in a life changing manner allowing Christians to experience the burning truth of Christ in the Scriptures and Sacraments. The second edition of this solid,superb catechism series is now a...

Publisher profile: Emmaus Road Publishing
List of other Religion publishers in United States

Remnant Publications

Selection of books and music particularly appealing to the conservative Adventist perspective.

Publisher profile: Remnant Publications

Namaste Publishing

Books, audio, and video of transformational topics highlighting represented authors and speakers.

Publisher profile: Namaste Publishing

Tharpa Publications

Publisher of Buddhist books by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso about basic Buddhism, meditation and the Mahayana and Vajrayana paths.

Publisher profile: Tharpa Publications

The Liturgical Press

Collegeville, United States

The Liturgical Press is a publisher of works on liturgy, scripture, ministry, spirituality, monasticism, and theology. Imprints: Liturgical Press Books, Michael Glazier Books, Pueblo Books and the Saint John's Bible.

Publisher profile: The Liturgical Press
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The Catholic University of America Press

Especially strong in theology, church history, and medieval studies.

Publisher profile: The Catholic University of America Press

Light and Life Publishing

World's largest supplier of Orthodox Christian materials in English. Offers close to 6000 books, including many classics from the church fathers, icons, crosses, music CDs and cassettes, software, icon cards, and videos.

Publisher profile: Light and Life Publishing

Banner of Truth

Specializing in publishing literature of historic Christianity. Online store, catalogue, theological articles, and magazine.

Publisher profile: Banner of Truth

Christian Light Publications

Major conservative Mennonite publishing company in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Producers of the widely-used Christian Light Education curricula. Publish many books for families. Site offers a service for locating conservative Mennonite congregations.

Publisher profile: Christian Light Publications

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