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Schavelzon Graham Agencia Literaria, S.L.

Barcelona, Spain

Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1998 and based in Barcelona since 2002 our agency represents mostly Latin-American writers of fiction and non-fiction worldwide.

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Casanovas & Lynch Literary Agency

Barcelona, Spain

Casanovas & Lynch is specialized in representing Spanish and Latin-American authors worldwide. The agency also represents on an exclusive basis many foreign publishing houses and agencies for the Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan-speaking territories.

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Ute Körner Literary Agent, S.L.

Barcelona, Spain

Ute Körner Literary Agent, S.L represents authors' worldwide as well as foreign publishers, agents and proprietors in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Latin America.

Detailed profile of: Ute Körner Literary Agent, S.L., Barcelona, Spain

Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria, S.L.

Barcelona, Spain

Sandra Bruna is a literary agency with more than 18 years of experience. We represent national and international authors for both adult and YA audiences. Also, we work with foreign agencies and publishers in Latin America, Portugal and Brazil.

Detailed profile of: Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria, S.L., Barcelona, Spain

Carmen Balcells, S.A.Agencia Literaria

Barcelona, Spain

The Carmen Balcells Agency was founded over sixty years ago with the aim of professionalizing writers’ work. Our agency currently represents many of the essential authors of contemporary literature while investing in the new voices of the future.

Detailed profile of: Carmen Balcells, S.A.Agencia Literaria, Barcelona, Spain

Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency

Barcelona, Spain

We represent authors in Spanish for the whole world, as well as other foreign agencies and publishers in Spain. We currently represent about 150 authors of different literary styles, both fiction and nonfiction.

Detailed profile of: Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency, Barcelona, Spain

Fundacio ,,La Caixa"

Barcelona, Spain

The„Caixa“ foundation is the institution which manages the resources with Caja de ahorros y pensiones de Barcelona. „La Caixa“ , devotes to its cultural work. The programmes of the „La Caixa“ foundation are implemented throughout Spain.

Detailed profile of: Fundacio ,,La Caixa", Barcelona, Spain

Catalunya Ràdio

Barcelona, Spain

Detailed profile of: Catalunya Ràdio, Barcelona, Spain

SalmaiaLit Literary Agency

Barcelona, Spain

SalmaiaLit represents world rights of authors writing in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese and also foreign publishers and agencies.

Detailed profile of: SalmaiaLit Literary Agency, Barcelona, Spain

Associacio Professional d'Illustradors de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain

The Association includes authors from every branch of the applied visual creation. It promotes and defends the rights of illustrators, it enables relationships among its members and it nurtures the growth and projection of the profession.

Detailed profile of: Associacio Professional d'Illustradors de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

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