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Publishing Services in Madrid, Spain

Listing 1 to 10 of 29 Spanish publishing companies in the city of Madrid, Spains

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San Pablo Comunicación Grupo Iberamericano

Madrid, Spain

Catequesis, literatura infantil, literatura juvenil, espiritualidad, formación, biografias, teologia, Biblia.

Publishing service company profile: San Pablo Comunicación Grupo Iberamericano

Anaya Multimedia

Madrid, Spain

Tecnologia, microinformática, programación y aplicaciones.

Publishing service company profile: Anaya Multimedia

Comercial Grupo Anaya, S.A.

Madrid, Spain

Distribuidora de todos los fondos editoriales de Grupo Anaya.

Publishing service company profile: Comercial Grupo Anaya, S.A.


Madrid, Spain

Historia. Temas de actualidad. Superación personal y profesional.

Publishing service company profile: Oberon

Ediciones Morata, S.L.

Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1920, Ediciones Morata is specialized in the following areas: Education, psychology, sociology and social sciences. His publishing line is designed for professionals in the aforementioned fields, as well as for univ. students.

Publishing service company profile: Ediciones Morata, S.L.

Spain Spanien

Madrid, Spain

A collective exhibition with the support of ,,Ministerio de Cultura", Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos" (CEDRO) and ICEX."

Publishing service company profile: Spain Spanien

Punto de Lectura

Madrid, Spain


Publishing service company profile: Punto de Lectura

Arán Ediciones

Madrid, Spain

Spanish editorial company. 25 years of experience in the Spanish and international business. We edit journals, books and web courses of scientific content in various specialities: oncology, digestive, palliative care, internal med., surgery, etc.

Publishing service company profile: Arán Ediciones

Centro de Exportación de Libros Españoles, S.A.(CELESA)

Madrid, Spain

Supply of any book published in Spain to any place in the world. Bibliographical information on Spanish books.

Publishing service company profile: Centro de Exportación de Libros Españoles, S.A.(CELESA)


Madrid, Spain

Derecho, filosofia, ciencias sociales.

Publishing service company profile: Tecnos

29 publishing companies in the directory of suppliers in Madrid, Spain

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