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A.M.V. Agencia Literaria S.L.

Madrid, Spain

Representing foreign publishers covering Spanish and Portuguese languages. Selling international rights for Spanish and Latinamerican authors.

Detailed profile of: A.M.V. Agencia Literaria S.L., Madrid, Spain

San Pablo Comunicación Grupo Iberamericano

Madrid, Spain

Catequesis, literatura infantil, literatura juvenil, espiritualidad, formación, biografias, teologia, Biblia.

Detailed profile of: San Pablo Comunicación Grupo Iberamericano, Madrid, Spain

Bookbank S.L. Agencia Literaria

Madrid, Spain

Representing foreign publishers and agents in Spain and Latin america and Spanish authors worldwide. Fiction and non-fiction.

Detailed profile of: Bookbank S.L. Agencia Literaria, Madrid, Spain

Dos Passos Literary Agency

Madrid, Spain

Dos Passos Literary Agency is specialized in representing authors and defending their royalties.

Detailed profile of: Dos Passos Literary Agency, Madrid, Spain

Comercial Grupo Anaya, S.A.

Madrid, Spain

Distribuidora de todos los fondos editoriales de Grupo Anaya.

Detailed profile of: Comercial Grupo Anaya, S.A., Madrid, Spain

Ediciones Morata, S.L.

Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1920, Ediciones Morata is specialized in the following areas: Education, psychology, sociology and social sciences. His publishing line is designed for professionals in the aforementioned fields, as well as for univ. students.

Detailed profile of: Ediciones Morata, S.L., Madrid, Spain

A.C.E.R. Agencia Literaria

Madrid, Spain

Representing publishing houses for Spanish and Portuguese languages. Representation of Spanish language authors worldwide. [email protected]

Detailed profile of: A.C.E.R. Agencia Literaria, Madrid, Spain

Spain Spanien

Madrid, Spain

A collective exhibition with the support of ,,Ministerio de Cultura", Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos" (CEDRO) and ICEX."

Detailed profile of: Spain Spanien, Madrid, Spain

Anaya Multimedia

Madrid, Spain

Tecnologia, microinformática, programación y aplicaciones.

Detailed profile of: Anaya Multimedia, Madrid, Spain

Punto de Lectura

Madrid, Spain


Detailed profile of: Punto de Lectura, Madrid, Spain

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