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Informnauka Ltd.

Moscow, Russia

A distributor of Russian and CIS countries periodicals and books abroad: a wide range of scientific and technical editions, journals in English, all kinds of periodicals. Electronic publications on Russian and foreign aggregators platforms.

Profile of: Informnauka Ltd., Moscow, Russia

Inform-Systema, SPA

Moscow, Russia

Inform-Systema is a big subscription agency and a bookseller in Russia and abroad. Our catalogues include more than 7000 titles of periodicals and 25000 titles of books from the former USSR.

Profile of: Inform-Systema, SPA, Moscow, Russia

Memorial-Internationale Gesellschaft für historische Aufklärung, Menschenrechte und soziale Fürsorge

Moscow, Russia

Memorial Socite (Russia) is an independent non-government organization established in 1989. It is a confederation of 86 national and regional organizations that operate in 7 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Lativa, Kazakhstan, Poland and Germany, Italy).

Profile of: Memorial-Internationale Gesellschaft für historische Aufklärung, Menschenrechte und soziale Fürsorge, Moscow, Russia

The Institute for Literary Translation


The Institute's primary goal is promotion of Russian literature around the world. We support translators and publishers who work with Russian literature, translations from Russian to world languages, present books of contemporary Russian writers.

Profile of: The Institute for Literary Translation, Russia

MK-Periodica AG

Moscow, Russia

Subscription services: Russian, Ukrainian & CIS periodicals and books on all subjects including back-issues. Worldwide delivery. Subscription agencies, libraries, universities, research centers, state organizations are our constant clients.

Profile of: MK-Periodica AG, Moscow, Russia

Russian Library Association

St Petersburg, Russia

Books of bibliography, library, science, book science, reference books in humanities, catalogues of various collections.

Profile of: Russian Library Association, St Petersburg, Russia

Russia Russland

Moscow, Russia

Profile of: Russia Russland, Moscow, Russia


Novosibirsk, Russia

Top-Kniga is a major wholesale-retail bookselling company, a leader of the book market in Russia. The company has 6 warehouses and round 400 shops in 162 cities. Its sales exceed 3 000 000 books every month.

Profile of: Top-Kniga, Novosibirsk, Russia

MEDIANA Russian Literary Agency

Saint Petersburg, Russia

MEDIANA is a Russian Literary Agency established in St.Petersburg in 2008. The agency specializes in selling translation rights, and deals with companies and authors through a versatile network of contacts in over 20 countries.

Profile of: MEDIANA Russian Literary Agency, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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