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Publishing services company profile: MEDIANA Russian Literary Agency, Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia

MEDIANA is a Russian Literary Agency established in St.Petersburg in 2008.
The agency specializes in selling translation rights, and deals with companies and authors through a versatile network of contacts in over 20 countries.
The areas of interest include non-fiction books for adults, as well as educational and fiction books for children of different ages.
Mediana represents Russian and foreign publishers and authors; we are also interested in individual book projects with international appeal.
The company tries to make benefit of the excellent opportunities available thanks to the Internet and global remote communication. At the same time, our team regularly attends International Books Fairs and other industry events, where we can meet with our colleagues and partners personally.
Many years in rights licensing combined with innovation and initiative helps the agency grow steadily.
The agency provides intermediary services in the field of foreign rights, and helps publishers and authors to arrange translation rights deals worldwide.
The services include foreign rights representation and literary scouting and involve: representing international authors and publishers, editorial assessment and market analysis at your request, improving your publishing portfolio (selecting exciting new books and recommending them for translation and publication according to your publishing needs), assisting in communication, establishing contract terms and preparing all necessary documentation, monitoring license contract issues and proper contract execution.
In our work we rely on editorial expertise, knowledge of the industry, and extensive experience in contract negotiations. It is utterly important for us to establish the lasting relationships between our clients and our team.
The company represents foreign publishers and published authors in Russia and overseas. We negotiate and license literary rights on behalf of our clients all over the world (books, audio rights, and e-book rights).
As a literary scout, Mediana seeks top literary projects at the request of our clients - both in Russia and abroad. We are equally interested in English and non-English books of global value - ideally, combining literary merit and commercial success.
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Mailing address

38, Leningradskaya Street, Pushkin
Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg

Phone number(s):
+ 7 9214261339

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