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Livros Horizonte

Lisboa, Portugal

Established in 1953, publishes 80 to 85 new books every year and includes 1200 originals in is catalogue. Architecture, art, cinema, children's books, comics, dictionary, education, fiction, geography, history, poetry, psychology, sociology, sport.

Publisher profile: Livros Horizonte

Paulinas Editora

Prior Velho, Portugal

Religion, catechism, theology, pastoral, psychology, children's and juvenile literature, biography, church documents.

Publisher profile: Paulinas Editora

Publicaçöes Europa-América, Lda

Mem-Martins, Portugal

Fiction. Actualités. Essais. Sociologie. Politique. Economie. Histoire. Technique. Livres d'enfants.

Publisher profile: Publicaçöes Europa-América, Lda

43 publishing companies in the directory of Portuguese publishers

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