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Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne

Warszawa, Poland

Books on mathematics, physics, chemistry, foodstuffs industry, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, automation, mechanical engineering, light industry. Technological encyclopaedias and dictionaries.

Publisher profile: Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne

Wydawnictwo DiG

Warszawa, Poland

Wydawnictwo DiG (DiG Publisher) founded in 1991. We publish scientific books on history, heraldry, family books, biography, memories, genealogy, history of literature, history of arts, archives, source materials, also on CD-ROMs. We cooperate with many universities and Polish Academy of Sciences....

Publisher profile: Wydawnictwo DiG

Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne SA (WSIP)

Warszawa, Poland

The largest Polish educational publisher producing textbooks, supplementary books, methodical materials and multimedia for all types of schools and for all school levels, for students, teachers and parents. Our mission:,, We" help in teaching."

Publisher profile: Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne SA (WSIP)

Expressmap Polska sp.z.o.o.

Warszawa, Poland

Publisher of laminated easy folding maps.

Publisher profile: Expressmap Polska sp.z.o.o.

Oficyna Literacka Noir sur Blanc

Warszawa, Poland

Noir sur Blanc publish the finest foreign writers (Eco, Miller, Durrell, Cendrars, DeLillo) and Polish authors (Mrozek, Wilk, Parnicki) as well as six series of detective stories, collections of essays, anthologies of poetry and memoirs.

Publisher profile: Oficyna Literacka Noir sur Blanc


Warsaw, Poland

The publishing house landie.pl was established especially for people who consider active relaxation as an important element of their life. What makes our books unique? easy-to-understand language, less text, more information conveyed via photographs, wonderful and in many cases sequential photos,...

Publisher profile: landie.pl

MedPharm Polska

Wroclaw, Poland

2005 wurde MedPharm Polska als polnische Tochter der Verlagsgruppe Deutscher Apotheker Verlag in Wroclaw (Breslau) gegründet. Der Fachverlag publiziert in polnischer Sprache Bücher, Zeitschriften und elektronische Medien für Pharmazeuten und Mediziner.

Publisher profile: MedPharm Polska

Libramed sp zoo

Warszawa, Poland

Publisher profile: Libramed sp zoo

Wydawnictwo Wilga

Warszawa, Poland

Comprehensively developed novelty children's books in unconventional artistic form with electronic modules, puzzles and toys. Wonderfully illustrated classic fairy tales for young children and teenagers.

Publisher profile: Wydawnictwo Wilga

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