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Thomas Rap

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publishers of Dutch and foreign literature and non-fiction.

Publisher profile: Thomas Rap

IOS Press

Amsterdam, Netherlands

IOS Press is a scientific, medical and professional publisher established in Amsterdam in 1987. The books and journals cover subjects such as: Medical informatics, artificial intelligence, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and management.

Publisher profile: IOS Press

Ambo Anthos Uitgevers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publishers of literary fiction and non-fiction, biography, history, modern and classical literature, philosophy, psychology, social sciences and literary thrillers.

Publisher profile: Ambo Anthos Uitgevers

Architectura & Natura

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publishers of books on architecture and landscape architecture. Imprint the Goose Press.

Publisher profile: Architectura & Natura


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fiction, philosophy, history, psychology.

Publisher profile: Wereldbibliotheek

Podium bv

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Independent publishing house for Dutch and foreign fiction and non-fiction.

Publisher profile: Podium bv

Dutch Publishers Association

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joint exhibit of publishers from Netherlands: Eric Carle Agency, Clavis Uitgeverij, Uitgeverij De Fontein, Foundation for Production and Translation, Gottmer Publishing Group, The House of Books, Uitgeverij Kluitman, Uitgeverij Leopold/Ploegsma, Querido, Uitgeverij Rubinstein, Uitgeverij Unieboek...

Publisher profile: Dutch Publishers Association

Uitgeverij Boom b.v.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publisher of philosophy, political science, behavioural sciences, sociology, psychiatry, history, psychology (complete Freund-Edition), education, a Dutch linguistic method, environment.

Publisher profile: Uitgeverij Boom b.v.

De Boekerij bv

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leading Dutch publisher with the following imprints: De Boekerij (fiction, M. Conelly, Nicholas Evans), Forum (non-fiction, Byron Katie), Mynx (sf & f, Tolkien, thrillers, Nick Stone), Arena (fiction an non-fiction, Emily Barr, Queen Nour).

Publisher profile: De Boekerij bv

Artemis & Co.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publishers of literary fiction & non-fiction, biography, modern & classical literature, psychology, social sciences, narrative non-fiction and women issues.

Publisher profile: Artemis & Co.

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