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Dar Al Fiker Al Arabi

Beirut, Lebanon

Deals in the book production with different topics, out of which the series of the leaders of Arab old and new poetry books, scientific and cultural subjects in addition to Islamic civilization books, specialized Arab language and children books.

Publisher profile: Dar Al Fiker Al Arabi

Dar Al Hadaek

Beirut, Lebanon

Dar al Hadaek is specialized in publishing and distributing magazines and books in the Arab Countries. Ahmad magazines is specialized for children starting 8 years old, while Touta Touta is a magazine published for children of 5-8 years old. Published more than 300 books for children of all ages....

Publisher profile: Dar Al Hadaek

Dar al Jil Publishing Group

Beirut, Lebanon

Publisher, editor and distributor of Arabic books which covers all the knowledge fields. Dar Al Jil treats with many agents and dealers all over the world. Created in 1971, Dar Al Jil has taken on its responsibility to open door policy.

Publisher profile: Dar al Jil Publishing Group

Dar Sader Publishers

Beirut, Lebanon

Since 1863 ,,Dar Sader'' one of the oldest publishing houses in Lebanon and Middle East, has been publishing books in Arabic, English, and French. Specialized mostly in literary works, historical references, dictionaries, classical Arab poetry, etc.

Publisher profile: Dar Sader Publishers

Editions Oueidat for Publishing

Beirut, Lebanon

Editions Oueidat (Dar Oueidat) for publishing, founded in 1956, by Dr. Ahmad Oueidat, has edited over 1,200 titles, all on the academic level, based on many subjects: human science, philosophy, literature, psychology, social educations, etc.

Publisher profile: Editions Oueidat for Publishing

Syndicate of Publishers Union in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

In the early fifties, as the publishing industry in Lebanon was thriving, the first generation publishers founded a union bringing together all Lebanese publishers within a single judicial framework: The Syndicate of Publishers' Union in Lebanon.

Publisher profile: Syndicate of Publishers Union in Lebanon

World Heritage Publishers Ltd.

Beirut, Lebanon

Assumes a leading role in the publication of schoolbooks and materials aimed at teaching English as a foreign/second language. Textbooks, workbooks, readers visual aids, and audio CD's address all pre-university levels, starting at KG.

Publisher profile: World Heritage Publishers Ltd.

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