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DASartes - O Selo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Publisher bimonthly visual arts magazine DASartes.

Publisher profile: DASartes - O Selo

Gradiva Publicações, Lda.

Lisboa, Portugal

Pioneer publisher of popular science in Portugal. Also publishes fiction, cartoons, philosophy, history, politics, social sciences for academics and general public. Complete works of António José Saraiva and Eduardo Lourenço.

Publisher profile: Gradiva Publicações, Lda.


Lisboa, Portugal

Recognized publishing house on the Portuguese market. It publishes not only religious books but also books on various themes like psychology, communication, family, philosophy, dictionaries, children's books, audiobooks and religious literature.

Publisher profile: Paulus

Sá Editora

São Paulo, Brazil

New Brazilian publishing house, Eliana Sá's (ex-Editora Globo), dedicated to adult fiction and non-fiction. Books on journalism, social behavior and modern tendencies. Best-sellers authors: David Servan-Schreiber, Ernesto Che Guevara, Yasmina Khadra, Richard Branson, Chistiane Collange,

Publisher profile: Sá Editora

Editora Ática Sa.

Freguesia do O, Brazil

Ática is the largest Brazilian book publisher. It publishes from children's literature to text books and general interest titles.

Publisher profile: Editora Ática Sa.

Grupo Editorial Plátano

Lisboa, Portugal

One of the leading publishers on scholar books. Publishes fiction, poetry, theatre, African-Portuguese literature, children's books, cartoon strips, economics, politics, geography, law, philosophy, linguistics, history, mathematics, physices, science.

Publisher profile: Grupo Editorial Plátano

Assirio & Alvim

Lisboa, Portugal

Acclaimed in Portugal for it's poetry editions, Assirio & Alvim is above all an eclectic publishing house, who has built his stronghold upon the great quality of it's catalogue in literature as well as in essay, arts and other fields.

Publisher profile: Assirio & Alvim


São Paulo, Brazil

Transform Brazil through education and democratize access to quality books. This is the goal of DCL and is thinking about it every day work. For more than 40 years in the market, we produce reference works and children's literature! Contributing to the Education, transform and make availa...

Publisher profile: DCL

Lidel-Edições Técnicas, Lda.

Lisboa, Portugal

The leading Portuguese publisher in Portuguese as foreign language books. Publisher and distributor of medical, computer and managing books.

Publisher profile: Lidel-Edições Técnicas, Lda.

Pallas Editora

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Founded in 1975 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Pallas Editora devotes much of his catalog to Afro-descendant issues. Interested in understanding and appreciation of our cultural roots and aware of the still precarious registration of Africans in the diaspora knowledge and its importance as on...

Publisher profile: Pallas Editora

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