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People's Daily


People's Daily Online is one of the largest comprehensive internet media sources in the world. Besides the Chinese version, it also circulates versions in seven ethnic minority languages, as well as in nine foreign languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic among others.

Publisher profile: People's Daily
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xoxo publishing

XoXo Publishing(TM) Canada's innovated award winning small press.

Publisher profile: xoxo publishing

Planet Calamari Publishing

Dr. Calamari's Coloring Book of the Plants, Minerals and Bugs of China offers a right brain approach for acupuncture students to learn their herbs.

Publisher profile: Planet Calamari Publishing

Educational Technologies Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Publisher of children home-education products to help parents maximise their children's potential by making use of their most formative years. Best selling series include "A Child's First Library of Learning" with sales of over 26 million copies and "English Time" the interactive multi-media Engl...

Publisher profile: Educational Technologies Limited
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Consumer Council Choice Magazine

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Chinese monthly magazine published by Consumer Council

Publisher profile: Consumer Council Choice Magazine
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Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd

Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd is one of the leading educational publishers in Singapore, producing educational materials to suit the needs of students.Shing Lee Publishers has a booklist of over 1000 titles in print, in English, Chinese and Malay languages for all subjects such as Mathematics, Eng...

Publisher profile: Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd


Shelton, United States

PMPH-USA is a small, growing, and dynamic international publisher which provides clinical and reference textbooks for physicians, specialized clinicians, librarians, and students. We provide essnetial information for medical professionals in print and electronic formats, including textbooks, CD-R...

Publisher profile: PMPH-USA
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Focus Medica Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore

Focus Medica is driven by the vision of simplifying medicine through visual media with the help of 3D and 2D animations for the benefit of the global medical fraternity. Our collection of interactive animations in CD format, edited by eminent medical experts ,show various disease conditions, and ...

Publisher profile: Focus Medica Pte Ltd
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Crowdbooks Publishing

Paris, France

Crowdbooks marries the power of crowd-funding with a passionate community of artists to create a revolutionary new platform for Photo/ Art books. This model will merge talented photo artists and passionate supporters of the arts with a quality-focused independent publisher. The innovative concept...

Publisher profile: Crowdbooks Publishing
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