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Froebel-kan, Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1907. Named after Professor Friedrich Froebel. Manufacturer of educational materials for kindergartens. Publishers of Japan's most popular character ,,Ampanman“ series as well as many books for young readers.

Publisher profile: Froebel-kan, Co., Ltd.

Graphic-Sha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

A publisher specializing in books on design, art, architecture, photography, manga techniques and culture.

Publisher profile: Graphic-Sha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

We have a wide range of publications such as study books for children, juvenile literature, dictionaries and books on education. We have published more than 60 titles of drill books for young children, which have been long time sellers.

Publisher profile: Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd.

GB Company

Tokyo, Japan

General publishing company dealing in a wide variety of Japanese cultural material. Founded in 1985 we publish a wide variety of reading materials including Manga, Japanese pop culture, historical fiction novels, sport and educational books. We aim to be a wide ranging publishing company and deal...

Publisher profile: GB Company

Ohmsha Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1914. Publishes books aiming to cover all level of readers in the fields of science and engineering with the annual publishing program of over 250 new titles and 8 magazines.

Publisher profile: Ohmsha Ltd.

Shiko-Sha Co. Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese publisher of christian and general theme picture books. Age from 3 to 8 years. Special high quality paper and printing. Selling rights to overseas for approximately 40 years.

Publisher profile: Shiko-Sha Co. Ltd.

Kosei Publishing Company

Tokyo, Japan

Publisher profile: Kosei Publishing Company

Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd. (JPT)

Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1942. Publisher on English-language books from Japan, including beads, craft, origami, ikebana, gardening, art, cooking, health, Japanese language and manga.

Publisher profile: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd. (JPT)

39 publishing companies in the directory of publishers in Tokyo, Japan
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