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Translation Companies of Italy

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Atlantyca Entertainment

Milano, Italy

Atlantyca Entertainment is the licensor of: the Geronimo Stilton brands, Ulysses Moore, Century, Criptoanimals, Milla & Sugar, Goal!, Bat Pat, Ballet School, Maka Generation, Code Lyoko and Dr Dog. Atlantyca is also responsible for the business development of the Geronimo Stilton properties, incl...

Publishing service company profile: Atlantyca Entertainment

ELKOST International literary agency

Bacoli, Italy

Russian literary and commercial fiction, popular non-fiction and history. High literary quality, archival findings.

Publishing service company profile: ELKOST International literary agency


Roma, Italy

Author representation, editorial and assessment service to writers and publishers, literary scoutingTranslations from/to any language Graphic servicesDigital book design and manufacturing Press office and event planningAudio and video transcription services Web marketing-social media marketing

Publishing service company profile: graphicart-agsolutions

Daniel Doglioli

Pavia, Italy

Representation of domestic and foreign publishers, writers, agencies. Specialized in children's, young adults' and esoteric/new age literature. Scouting service. Press contact/translations.

Publishing service company profile: Daniel Doglioli

Nicolazzini Piergiorgio Literary Agency

Milano, Italy

A literary agency representing domestic, translation, film and TV rights to Italian and international authors world-wide. Also representing properties on behalf of foreign publishers, agents and authors, mostly from US and UK, in the Italian market.

Publishing service company profile: Nicolazzini Piergiorgio Literary Agency

LifeView S.r.l.

Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

LifeView integrades the high-end multimedia technology in the book and publishing area.

Publishing service company profile: LifeView S.r.l.

Momento Medico

Salerno, Italy

Momento Medico creates and produces essential, flexible, update and targeted communications and promotional material for pharmaceutical industry. Catalogue available for translations.

Publishing service company profile: Momento Medico

Susanna Zevi Agenzia Letteraria

Milano, Italy

Literary agency representing US, European and Israeli agents and publishers for Italian translation rights and individual authors worldwide.

Publishing service company profile: Susanna Zevi Agenzia Letteraria

Living Literary Agency

Milano, Italy

Kontakte/contacts: Halle 6.2 LitAg or Hotel Dorint Niederrad, Tel.: 069/663060-Representing agents and publishers from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and other countries for Italian translation rights.

Publishing service company profile: Living Literary Agency

9 suppliers in the the directory of translation companies of Italy

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