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Gabriella Ambrosioni S.r.L.

Bologna, Italy

Literary Agency representing Italian authors in Italy and abroad and foreign publishers and agencies in Italy.

Detailed profile of: Gabriella Ambrosioni S.r.L., Bologna, Italy

Grandi & Associati

Milan, Italy

Literary agency and press office providing worldwide rights consultation/representation for publishers and authors as well as publicity services.

Detailed profile of: Grandi & Associati, Milan, Italy

Nicolazzini Piergiorgio Literary Agency

Milano, Italy

A literary agency representing domestic, translation, film and TV rights to Italian and international authors world-wide. Also representing properties on behalf of foreign publishers, agents and authors, mostly from US and UK, in the Italian market.

Detailed profile of: Nicolazzini Piergiorgio Literary Agency, Milano, Italy

Giulio Perrone Editore

Roma, Italy

Giulio Perrone Editore was founded in Rome on 19 March 2005 with the aim of creating a new literary and cultural reality. Key point of the project is a contamination between arts and languages to explore the multiple possibilities of doing culture.

Detailed profile of: Giulio Perrone Editore, Roma, Italy

Meucci Agency

Milan, Italy

Founded in 2012, the Meucci Agency is a literary agency focused on representing Spanish authors in Italy and Italian and international authors in their original markets and abroad. Active also as talent scout. Rights for TV and film.

Detailed profile of: Meucci Agency, Milan, Italy

Berla & Griffini Rights Agency

Milan, Italy

International literary agency based in Milan representing Italian authors and international agencies and publishers.

Detailed profile of: Berla & Griffini Rights Agency, Milan, Italy

Rosaria Carpinelli Consulenze Editoriali S.r.l.

Milan, Italy

Rosaria Carpinelli Consulenze Editoriali is a literary and editorial agency, representing domestic and international rights of Italian authors.

Detailed profile of: Rosaria Carpinelli Consulenze Editoriali S.r.l., Milan, Italy

Walkabout Literary Agency

Rome, Italy

Walkabout literary agency represents 80 Italian and foreign authors of literary and commercial fiction, general non-fiction. Our clients are the most important Italian and Foreign publishers. Directed by Fiammetta Biancatelli and Ombretta Borgia.

Detailed profile of: Walkabout Literary Agency, Rome, Italy

Laura CeccacciLiterary Agency

Rome, Italy

The Laura Ceccacci Agency is a literary agency founded by Laura Ceccacci in 2014 after decades of experience in the publishing world as an editor, literary agent and foreign rights. The agency, now formed by a team of professionals in the sector, deals with copyright management, representing Italian

Detailed profile of: Laura CeccacciLiterary Agency, Rome, Italy

Loredana Rotundo Literary Agency

Milan, Italy

Representation of Italian authors (adult, young adult fiction) in the world, foreign publishers and agencies in Italy and in the world.

Detailed profile of: Loredana Rotundo Literary Agency, Milan, Italy

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