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Harry Putz Publisher

Liberec, Czech Republic

A modern Czech course for foreigners. Volume 1 exist for English-(new version 2002), German-, French-, Italian-(new version 2002), Spanish-, Russian, and Ukrainian-speaking foreigners. Workbook Volume 1, (in the English-German version). Volume 2 exist for English-and German-speakers only.

Publisher profile: Harry Putz Publisher

Nava Publishing House

Plzen, Czech Republic

Publishing house. Publisher of Czech and translated fiction books for children and young people, popular and educational picture publications for children, non-fiction literature, women's novels, ,,easy reading and" leisuretime books.

Publisher profile: Nava Publishing House

Pierot s r.o.

Praha, Czech Republic

Publisher profile: Pierot s r.o.

Kartografie Praha, Inc.

Praha, Czech Republic

Geography, Cartography, Textbooks, Encyclopedias, Sport, Tourism etc. Description: Cartography publisher with 55 years of tradition. Our most important products include atlases, maps, tourist guides, city maps, wall maps and geographic encyclopedias. School maps and atlases also represent an impo...

Publisher profile: Kartografie Praha, Inc.

Atlantis Publishing House, Ltd.

Brno, Czech Republic

Founded in 1989 by banned Czech writers-dissidents, specializes in original Czech works (the writings of P. Kabes, L. Kundera, M. Kundera, Z. Rotrekl, P. Svanda, L. Vaculik, etc.). It also introduces the works of L.F.Céline, B.Duteurtre, G. Grass etc. in Czech translations.

Publisher profile: Atlantis Publishing House, Ltd.

Art D-Grafický atelier Cerný Ltd.

Praha, Czech Republic

Exclusive calendars featuring contemporary Czech artists. Top quality graphic cnetre for pres-production, mechanical and complete graphic work for faithful reproduction of works of art and pictorial publications.

Publisher profile: Art D-Grafický atelier Cerný Ltd.

Artefacum, publishing house of Institute of Art History ASCR

Prague, Czech Republic

The Institute of Art History's publishing house Artefactum publishes in Czech, English or German the results of the research of the Institute and also makes accessible the original work of Czech and international art historians on important European (primarily Central European) topics. Fontes his...

Publisher profile: Artefacum, publishing house of Institute of Art History ASCR

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