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Brepols Publishers

Turnhout, Belgium

Die Reihe Fontes Christiani bietet in jedem Band den originalsprachlichen Text und stellt ihm eine neu erarbeitete Übersetzung gegenüber.

Publisher profile: Brepols Publishers

Peeters Publishers

Leuven, Belgium

Academic series on theology, patristics, biblical studies, canon law, religious studies, ethics, philosophy, history, anthropology, linguistics, literature, law, text editions and journals.

Publisher profile: Peeters Publishers

La Renaissance du Livre

Bruxelles, Belgium

La Renaissance du Livre is a space where texts and images intertwine, where heritage and the art of living, fine art and illustrated literature, the matic guides and reference works allow us to travel, discover and explore the world.

Publisher profile: La Renaissance du Livre

Le Grand Miroir

Bruxelles, Belgium

Le Grand Miroir is a literary space where genres meet and interact with one another, where writings confront each other, and where authors write their texts in the language of today.

Publisher profile: Le Grand Miroir

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