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V.U.V.- Publishers From Flanders\\

Borgerhout, Belgium

Collective exhibit of publishers from Flanders.

Publisher profile: V.U.V.- Publishers From Flanders\\

WPG Publishers Belgium

Antwerpen, Belgium

WPG Publishers Belgium is one of the biggest publishing companies in Belgium and can pride itself in a history of more than 90 years already. Nothing beats the power of a good story. That’s why we are constantly looking for stories that make us think, that move us or make us laugh. Stories that m...

Publisher profile: WPG Publishers Belgium

Editions Casterman S.A.

Bruxelles, Belgium

Children's books (fiction and non fiction), documentary books, history, science, activity books, comics and graphic novels.

Publisher profile: Editions Casterman S.A.


Bruxelles, Belgium

A member of the Groupe De Boeck. Publisher in French of secondary and universitary textbooks, reference and linguistic books, dictionaries, multimedia developments.

Publisher profile: Duculot

De Boeck Université

Bruxelles, Belgium

A member of Groupe De Boeck, publisher of textbooks and scientific books on sciences, medicine, technics, human sciences, economy, psychology, education, multimedia developments.

Publisher profile: De Boeck Université

Casterman Edition s.a.

Bruxelles, Belgium

Livres pour enfants, encyclopédie pour la jeunesse, bandes dessinées, programmes TV en animation, histoire, livres-cassettes.

Publisher profile: Casterman Edition s.a.

Cuberdon uitgeverij


To learn, play and having fun !!!! For small kids made by bigger kids!!!

Publisher profile: Cuberdon uitgeverij


Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium

Basée à Wavre en Belgique, l'asbl Mabiki existe depuis le 21 septembre 2005. l'intégration citoyenne de personnes d'origine africaine en Belgique, la promotion des littératures africaines, l'amélioration du contenu de l'enseignement en

Publisher profile: Mabiki

Uitgeverij De Boeck (Member of Group De Boeck)

Antwerpen, Belgium

An educational and academic publisher in Dutch-speaking Belgium.

Publisher profile: Uitgeverij De Boeck (Member of Group De Boeck)

Les Editions Du Lombard S.A.

Bruxelles, Belgium

A catalogue of high quality comic books in colours and black and white for all ages! A Dargaud group imprint.

Publisher profile: Les Editions Du Lombard S.A.

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