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This is an international publishing directory and it hosts publishers and publishing related service providers and companies from around the world. It currently has over 20,000 publishers, agents and service providers and growing. You can find publishers and service providers by country & category:

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PublishersGlobal functions as an information marketplace for publishing houses of all sizes, service providers to the publishing industry and also for individual artists -- authors, illustrators, designers, editors...

You can use the directory to find publishers by country or city, by the language they publish in, by the subjects on which they publish, and also by the media in which they publish. You can also find profiles of companies who provide services to the publishing industry - all forms of service companies and publishing vendors. The directory also provides opportunities for various stakeholders to communicate and do business with each other.

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Want to publish a book? Are you considering self-publishing, or are you hoping to land a big publisher? How do you find a publisher that has expertise in your area of work? How do you find a publisher in the country where you are or where your audience is?

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The publishing industry is changing very rapidly. Digital delivery, self-publishing, print-on-demand, audi-books, eReaders are just some of the forces shaping the global publishing landscape. If you are looking to bolster your offering by partnering with a service provider, you can start here.

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If you are a publisher, or if you provide a service to the publishing industry then you should be listed here -- the world's best known directory of global publishing industry. Thousands of publishing professionals visit us looking for organizations like yours. Submission and listing is free.

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PublishersGlobal is an information marketplace for the publishing industry. Over 20,000 publishers, literary agents, self-publishing companies and publishing services companies. Directory of publishing houses and service providers to publishing industry in 132 countries around the world. Pick a category and start browsing.

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