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Champion Writers

Alexandria, United States

Champion Writers is dedicated to improve people’s lives through knowledge. We help people to learn technologies and skills so they can advance their careers. We publish books for the world-wide audience to share our passion and understanding.

Publisher profile: Champion Writers

Merpoint Publishing, LLC

Inwood, United States

Merpoint Publishing, LLC is a privately owned English-language publishing and distribution company dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction to consumers. Specializing in the digital format and always focusing on technological innovations in the digital publishing market, Merpoint...

Publisher profile: Merpoint Publishing, LLC

ModoComm Communications

United States

An independent publisher of e-books in the fiction and non-fiction categories.

Publisher profile: ModoComm Communications

Books For Less

New York, United States

Books For Less is a leading wholesale distributor of remainders and "hurt" pallet assortments from a wide range of publishers. We also specialize in computer books by the title and in assortments.

Publisher profile: Books For Less

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