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Book Bubble Press

Stockport, United Kingdom

We have 25 years of experience working inside the publishing industry. We know how to Publish and Market a book using both Traditional and Self publishing Methods. We understand Sales and Marketing and Distribution on a small and large scale, Locally and Globally.

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The XYZ Digital Map Company Ltd

Dalkeith, United Kingdom

XYZ create maps and atlases, customise and licence maps, map data and air photography for publication, sell MAPublisher cartographic software and can provide advice and training. Databases include OverView World (wall maps), XYZ World, British Isles People's Map.

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Roundhouse Group

Hove, United Kingdom

UK & European representatives & distributors for a number of quality UK and overseas publishers. Four divisions: Roundhouse - general adult; Roundabout - children's books; Roundtrip Travel - maps, guides & travel; Windsor Books International - art, architecture, design & photography.

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The Purple Guide

Teddington, United Kingdom

Unlike traditional guidebooks, Purple Guides contain a wealth of personal insights and behind-the-scenes stories, combined with brilliant colour photography, crystal clear maps and useful restaurant and shopping recommendations.

Detailed profile of: The Purple Guide, Teddington, United Kingdom

Verba Volant

London, United Kingdom

Verba Volant publishes high quality illustrated books that place an emphasis on using excellent photography. Offerings include books on interior design, gardening, art, and architecture.

Detailed profile of: Verba Volant, London, United Kingdom

Book Creation Ltd.

London, United Kingdom

Publishing advice and creative services, including editorial, design and online. Principal areas include health, puzzles and games, photography, travel, science, computing, and general family reference.

Detailed profile of: Book Creation Ltd., London, United Kingdom

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