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S. Karger AG

Basel, Switzerland

120 years (2010) of medical and scientific publishing in basic and clinical science and medicine: 80 book titles/year, 44 book series, 82 journals, mostly English. Branch offices in GER, FR. JP, UK, USA, CHINA. Subsidiary: Karger Libri AG, int. subscription agency.

Publisher profile: S. Karger AG

Verlag Museum Rietberg

Zürich, Switzerland

We publish English and German exhibition catalogues and monographies on various topics of world art (Islamic countries, India, China, Japan, Africa, Oceania, Ancient America). They are lavishly illustrated, comprehensible written and well designed.

Publisher profile: Verlag Museum Rietberg

Bohem Press AG

Zürich, Switzerland

International bekannte Autoren und Illustratoren wie M.Bolliger, S.Jucker, S. Junakovic, D.Kallay, J.Lenica, R.Schindler, O.Wilde, J.Wilkon, S.Zavrel. Our books are published in more than 50 languages and awarded with many international prizes.

Publisher profile: Bohem Press AG

Kein & Aber Verlag

Zurich, Switzerland

Publisher profile: Kein & Aber Verlag

Kinderbuchfonds Baobab

Basel, Switzerland

Reihe Baobab: Kinder-und Jugendbücher aus Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und dem Nahen Osten. Verzeichnis ,,Fremde Welten": empfehlenswerte Kinder-und Jugendbücher zum Thema ,,Kulturelle Identität"

Publisher profile: Kinderbuchfonds Baobab

Stämpfli Verlag AG

Bern, Switzerland

Rechts-und Staatswissenschaft: Monografien, Buchreihen, Loseblattsammlungen, Zeitschriften, Sachbücher: Kunst, Bernensia, Geschichte, Zeitfragen.

Publisher profile: Stämpfli Verlag AG

Bergli Books AG

Basel, Switzerland

Publishing and distributing books in English and German that focus on living and working in Switzerland, travel and intercultural issues. Latest titles: Beyond chocolate-understanding Swiss culture (Engl.) and Hoi-your Swiss German survival guide.

Publisher profile: Bergli Books AG

World Intellectual Property Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international IP system, which rewards creativity and thereby contributes to economic development.

Publisher profile: World Intellectual Property Organization

Lenos Verlag

Basel, Switzerland

Schweizer Literatur, Reiseliteratur, Sachbücher zu Politik und Gesellschaft. Arabische Literatur, Taschenbücher.

Publisher profile: Lenos Verlag

Opus Magnum

Geneva, Switzerland

Corporate Publishing Company based in Geneva, Switzerland

Publisher profile: Opus Magnum

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