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Nomos Impresores is a Colombian company dedicated to the graphic industry with 37 years of experience (third generation), in the national and international market.


Offset printing - from one color to 10 colors simultaneously.
Digital printing.
Development of printing for books, magazines, catalogs and advertising material.
Design and printing of agendas.
Hard and soft cover binding.
Laminated, varnished, stamped, embossed and stamped.
Corporate notebooks.
Pre-press, printing and binding.
Logistics and shipments anywhere in the world.


The experience we have acquired over the decades has given us strengths that we consider to be one of our greatest assets that we possess. We believe that it has been our social values ​​and commitment to our clients and collaborators that have made us leaders in the industry.

We have excellent logistics for importing raw materials and supplies, as well as exporting our products to anywhere in the world. All this within an area of ​​11,000 square meters for production and 4000 square meters for storage and preparation of finished products for distribution.

At Nomos Impresores we have the tools and experience necessary to give life to your visions and expectations with comprehensive advice based on a committed and trained human team that supports us, in addition to being supported by state-of-the-art industrial technology and quality procedures. every day tighter.

We have the total certainty of responding to your needs correctly. We remain attentive to your requirements.

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Mailing address

Diagonal 18Bis N° 41-17 Bogotá - Colombia

Phone number(s):
+ 1 8327450538

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