Publishing services company profile: OkadaBooks, Lagos, Yaba, Nigeria

Your manuscripts are ignored by publishers who are only interested in already established authors. Your self-published books are then ridiculed by the very same publishers that ignored your manuscripts in the first-place! So you are left to market your books to local bookstores whose best trick is making your money disappear.
You try the internet, but the stories you write are exploited by blogs for website hits. Advertisers pay for their hits but you get nothing in return. You are the writer that's bought and but never paid.
okadabooks.com believes there is a better way. We believe in audacious writing. We believe in beautiful books, quick/simple publishing and financial transparency. But most importantly we believe that the people who write deserve to make money from their writings ... a lot of money.

And we believe that everyone (not just a select few) no matter their background, their genre preference, their race, their language, their beliefs ... deserves to be published!

That's what we believe!

OkadaBooks is listed under the following publishing services categories: Editing, Graphic Design, Self Publishing, Marketing, and Distribution - Digital


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+ 234 8091904549

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