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Irun, Spain

Literature in Basque and Spanish languages. Fiction and non-fiction for all ages.

Publisher profile: Alberdania

Erein Argitaletxea

Donostia, Spain

Erein publishing house was founded in 1976. Since then it has been a quality and prestige reference relating to literature in Basque language. Not less important is its invaluable contribution to the world of school textbooks.

Publisher profile: Erein Argitaletxea

Editorial Txalaparta S L

Tafalla, Spain

Books publish of Basque literature, biographies, arts, communication, general literature. Basque's literature, other continents language. Spanish language, child's literature in Basque language. We publish in Basque language, Spanish, Catalan…

Publisher profile: Editorial Txalaparta S L


San Sebastian, Spain

Books from basque country.

Publisher profile: Hiria

Elkarlanean S.L.

Donostia, Spain

Elkar argitaletxea is specialised in creating Basque literature for adults, young people and children and publish education textbooks. Elkar is also a record company, editing the most varied kinds of music produced by Basques.

Publisher profile: Elkarlanean S.L.

Gremio de Editores de Euskadi

Bilbao, Spain

Books published in the Basque country (Spain).

Publisher profile: Gremio de Editores de Euskadi

Ttarttalo S L

Donostia, Spain

Ttarttalo is specialised in three subjects-children's books, cooking books, basque country history books (historial novels, essay, investigation books, fiction books).

Publisher profile: Ttarttalo S L

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