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Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

DongaScience is a company representing science as culture, which publishes 'Science Donga', the leading monthly science magazine boasting 22 years biweekly 'Children Science Donga', and contributes science-related contents to the DongA ilbo Daily and its online newspaper. Donga Science has been e...

Publisher profile: Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Bir Publishing Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

BIR is one of the foremost publishers in Korea, of quality literature for pre-school children through young adult from board book and picture book to novel. It has distinguished science-books series and also publishes math and economy novel. BIR has been quite successful in being highly acclaimed...

Publisher profile: Bir Publishing Co., Ltd.

Hansol Education Co., Ltd

Seoul, South Korea

Educational programs of Hansol Education develop our children to be world leaders by empowering them with the ability to solve the problems by themselves with comprehensive talent and courage.

Publisher profile: Hansol Education Co., Ltd

Gilbut Children Publishing Co., Ltd

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Founded in 1995, we’ve been publishing more than 120 titles loved by both children and parents in Korea. With our books with the quality text and illustrations, we’ve been known as one of the leading Korean picture book publishers. In spite of its short history, Korean picture book publishing has...

Publisher profile: Gilbut Children Publishing Co., Ltd

Sang Publishing

Seoul, South Korea

Sang Publishing was established in 2004 by a group of designers who share a passion for pictures and illustrations specializing in children's books. Sang Publishing has been focusing on producing original and unique books in partnership with prominent illustrators in Korea. Sang Publishing thrive...

Publisher profile: Sang Publishing

Sakyejul Publishing Ltd

Paju-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Sakyejul was founded as a humanities and social science publisher in 1982, and has grown to be one of the largest and best-known publishers in Korea. Over the years, Sakyejul has succeeded in expanding its focus into new areas (children's lit., etc.).

Publisher profile: Sakyejul Publishing Ltd

Seoul Cultural Publishers., Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Cultural Publishers Inc. was established in 1988 and is currently publishing two weeklies, two bi-weekly and seven monthly magazines, as well as 850 books per year. Our publications include licensed and creator-owned fiction and non-fiction books, children's books, genuine comic books.

Publisher profile: Seoul Cultural Publishers., Inc.

YeaRimDang Publishing Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

YeaRimDang is a publishing company specializing in children's books since its establishment in 1973. We at YeaR-imDang have published a wide variety of books, including toddlers picture books, fairy tales, children's poems, books for culture, etc.

Publisher profile: YeaRimDang Publishing Co., Ltd.

Jaimimage Publication Co.

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Jaimimage has been trying to publish books to resemble the mind of our cheerful children who have no stick, to let them give different voices to anything without difficulty, to lead them to the larger universality of culture and internationalism. Our company understands the development of childre...

Publisher profile: Jaimimage Publication Co.

Woongjin Think Big Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

Publisher profile: Woongjin Think Big Co., Ltd.

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