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Korean Language Publishers of South Korea

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Chosun Ilbo

South Korea

Daily news about Korea from the on-line edition of the Chosun Ilbo national daily.

Publisher profile: Chosun Ilbo

JoongAng Ilbo English News

South Korea

Offers elected Korean and international news from this national daily.

Publisher profile: JoongAng Ilbo English News

The Korea Times

South Korea

English Daily published by Hankookilbo, a national daily.

Publisher profile: The Korea Times

Designhouse Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

Established in 1976, Designhouse Inc. is a media communication company which publishes monthly magazines and non-fictions which could contribute to raising the quality of life through design, culture, and art.

Publisher profile: Designhouse Inc.

Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea

DongaScience is a company representing science as culture, which publishes 'Science Donga', the leading monthly science magazine boasting 22 years biweekly 'Children Science Donga', and contributes science-related contents to the DongA ilbo Daily and its online newspaper. Donga Science has been e...

Publisher profile: Dongascience Co. Ltd.

Korean Publishers Association

Seoul, South Korea

With a membership of 890 publishers in Korea, Korean Publishers Association (KPA) is the main voice of the nation's publishing industry, publishing ,,Korean Publishing Journal" and Korean Publication Yearbook".

Publisher profile: Korean Publishers Association

Korea Literature Translation Institute

Seoul, South Korea

Korea Literature Translation Institute is a government-funded organization committed to increasing the awareness of Korean literature all over the world.

Publisher profile: Korea Literature Translation Institute

The Seoul Times

South Korea

Internet newspaper for foreigners in Korea, with news on culture and social affairs.

Publisher profile: The Seoul Times

Munhakdongne Publishing Co., Ltd

Paju-si, South Korea

Established in 1993, Munhakdongne Publishing Corp is a leading publishing house that specializes in prose fiction, art, and cultural affairs. Despite its not very long history, Munhakdongne rapidly established a new current of promising Korean writers.

Publisher profile: Munhakdongne Publishing Co., Ltd

English Dong-A

South Korea

Service of Dong-A Ilbo, a national daily.

Publisher profile: English Dong-A

46 publishers in the the directory of korean langauge publishing companies of South Korea

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