Publishing company profile: WORITAL, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria

Is there such a thing as a perfect book? We may never know the answer to this question but at least there is always a book that seems perfect, it neither lacks in beauty or correctness nor clarity. It is almost perfect, flawless even, which is what every publisher should strive to achieve. At Worital, a book undergoes five rigorous processes before it is finally published and distributed for public consumption. These, make Worital books stand out in a stream of other books. These processes include the following and in this order;

Flawlessness: This is achieved with transcription, ghostwriting, revamping, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Worital has an incredible team of editors who pay great attention to every minute detail. They work together to make sure the words of a book come out without any fault.

Aesthetics: A book can and is often judged by its cover which is why Worital has a team that not only creates beautiful and inviting cover designs but also cater to interior and website designs, mockups, flyers, and video trailer designs. This makes a book alluring to read.

Assemblage: This third stage involves the final process in the production which can appear as a print, audiobooks, and marketing collaterals like rollup banners, paper bags, and other such things to help promote published books. This stage precedes the distribution stage.

Circulation: In this stage, Worital books are distributed worldwide using reliable and secure bookstores. It covers print-on-demand, E-BOOK, and audiobook distribution. Some of the platforms used by Worital to push authors' books across the continent include amazon, Scribd, Indigo, bambooks, and Rakuten kobo amongst others.

Publicity: A city set on a hill cannot be hidden, Worital understands this and is aware that publishing a book is only enough once the book reaches the right persons and the right places. To achieve this, the firm offers Facebook and Instagram ads for 30 days, featuring books on TV and national newspapers among as well as other juicy offers made available when authors choose to work with the firm. All of these are done to showcase published books and get them to be seen and not become couch potatoes.

WORITAL publishes Digital Contents, Books, and Audio Books on these subjects: Self-Help, Religion, Relationship, Memoir, Literary Fiction, Inspirational, General Fiction, and Food in these languages: English


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Mailing address

Lanre Awolokun Street
Ggbagada, phase 2

Phone number(s):
+ 234 08114027024

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